Zvikomborero Blessings Mutepfa AKA Zviko B drops a new single titled Kukura

Musician Zviko B dropped a single -track titled Kukura from the Mumana Album.

Speaking to Lifestyle Magazine the Christian Gospel singer said the album expresses his artistry and depth of his talent as he taps into new musical markets.

“The album (yet to be released) is about the fullness of my artistry. Many have known me as an advocate of word of God, as that guy who always sings gospel songs, but this album is different. It shows the depth of where l can reach as an artiste,” he said.

“I believe it is also a stepping stone into different musical markets that is what we are aiming for. I am going to be a big artiste with this album.”

He said the album that features the likes of Snazzy, Mc Wayz (South Africa) just to mention a few was born out of his daily experiences.

I believe in my artistry and when it comes to music. It might take long for people to realise, but they are going to see it soon,” he said.

“The album title was inspired by the way we now live in our communities . Life experiences are also an inspiration for my music because of these experiences we have. If I did not have experiences there would be no music whatsoever.”

Zviko B. said team effort evident in the album enabled him to maximise his full potential.

“Team effort is very crucial as I cannot do it all alone and this is why some artiste had to be there so that there is diversity on the album. I think this team effort also played a huge part in the depth of the album as other artistes push and inspire you,” he said.

“We dived into English and Shona. We are tapping into the regional and international market. I believe it is going to work out, there is a market for a reason. Language is not a barrier.”

The song is available on youtube https://youtu.be/kTyx0CUiGUA