You can do more- #InspiringNuggets with Imani-Cerrayah

Blessed day beloved saints.

As we travel on this journey of life, particularly now, it is easy to give up and fall away from the faith. Maybe you had a good job, were able to pay all your bills on time and then suddenly, a terrible pandemic came to derail all the plans you had. Should we give up and start to curse God? Should we say there is no God? No. Now is the time for our faith to shine brighter, stronger and it is an opportunity to get personal with God again. You’re locked up in your house, ok, so what are you going to do? Why don’t you start to work on your relationship with God? Many a time we are so busy engrossed in the daily hustle and bustle of our lives that we forget that He is the reason why we exist and have our being. When we are successful and everything is going right, we become prideful and forget our true purpose on this earth which is to worship God and win souls to His Kingdom.

The Bible says in Proverbs 11:30 (TPT) “But a life lived loving God bears lasting fruit, for the one who is truly wise wins souls.” In this lockdown, your social media is not locked down, your mouth for prayer and fasting is not locked down, your knees are not locked down. What are you doing to spread the Gospel of Christ? The Bible goes on to say in Romans 1:16 “For I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ.” You can do more than sit and home and watch series all day. Play your part in the Kingdom.

Here’s my challenge to you: How many people have you told about Jesus Christ in the past week? You have a huge role to play for the capturing of souls for God’s Kingdom. Use your WhatsApp status to preach the true and accurate Word of God. Supercharge your Facebook with inspirational teachings. Save a life. You never know who was about to do something wreckless such as killing themselves, in this time of despair and hopelessness, be a shining light. Let your life give someone else’s meaning. As you share the Word with others, the Word will transform your own life.

May God continue to bless and use you as you bless others.

By Imani-Cerrayah

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