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Do not turn away from her (Wisdom) and she will guard and protect you; Love her, and she will watch over you.  The beginning of wisdom is: Get [skillful and godly] wisdom [it is preeminent]! And with all your acquiring, get understanding [actively seek spiritual discernment, mature comprehension, and logical interpretation].  Prize wisdom [and exalt her], and she will exalt you; She will honor you if you embrace her. Proverbs 4:6-8 AMP

What is true wisdom? There is a difference between knowledge, intelligence and wisdom. Are you wise? I’m not talking about being street wise. We live in a world where we hustle and run about daily to pay our bills and to earn a living but without wisdom, all of these hustles will amount to absolutely nothing. The Bible tells us wisdom is the principle thing, therefore get wisdom. I love King Solomon’s story, when he had an opportunity to interact directly with God, he was asked, “My son, what would you like me to do for you?” He could have easily asked for riches, but I like his mentality, he asked for wisdom and when he got wisdom from God, everything he needed came with the wisdom- his riches and his kingdom, and we are told he was one of the richest men in Bible times not only in financial terms, but he then became a power house in his region whereby others came to him to seek advice and assistance in decision making. Learn to live in practical spirituality. When you are wise you know how to make decisions that will guarantee sustainability in everything that concerns you. What is your prayer? If you’re asking God to bless you financially but have no wisdom with which to protect your finances you will lose out due to bad investments. If you’re praying for marriage and there’s no wisdom in your heart, you will get the partner but will not be able to keep them. The same goes for business, your job, raising your children etc. Where there is no wisdom there is no sustainability. Make getting wisdom your priority. Make getting understanding your daily goal. “Everyone wants gold, but wisdom’s worth is far greater. Silver is sought after, but a heart of understanding yields a greater return.” Proverbs 16:16 (TPT)

True wisdom comes from seeking God. True wisdom comes from a deep and intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit. Make Him a part of everything you do. “Teach a wise man what is right and he’ll grow even wiser. Instruct the lovers of God and they’ll learn even more. The starting point for acquiring wisdom is to be consumed with awe as you worship Jehovah-God. To receive the revelation of the Holy One, you must come to the one who has living-understanding. Wisdom will extend your life, making every year more fruitful than the one before. So it is to your advantage to be wise. But to ignore the counsel of wisdom is to invite trouble into your life.”

Proverbs 9:9-12 (TPT) be so close to the Holy Spirit that you can have conversations with Him about anything. “And I will ask the Father and he will give you another Savior, the Holy Spirit of Truth, who will be to you a friend just like me—and he will never leave you. The world won’t receive him because they can’t see him or know him. But you know him intimately because he remains with you and will live inside you. John 14:16-17″ (TPT)

He is your friend, your standby and your advocate. “Know also that wisdom is sweet to your soul; if you find it, there is a future hope for you, and your hope will not be cut off.” Proverbs 24:14(NIV). What does it benefit you to gain knowledge from education and then lack the wisdom to apply it? What does it benefit you to be intelligent but lack the principles of wisdom needed to succeed? Choose wisdom. Choose life. Choose God and choose a successful way of living. Begin by meditating on the Word. Many people say it is hard to read the Bible, but I challenge you to read a chapter a day, trust me in no time you will have read the entire Bible and you will have the arsenal needed to succeed. In the Word there is wisdom and there is everything you need to prosper in this life.

God bless you as you seek His wisdom.


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