Glimpse is an Zimbabwean contemporary upcoming musician songwriter and a model real name Walter Makangaire aged 24 and currently based in Harare Waterfalls .He started doing music at an early age of 15 when he was still at school and he would perform at vshows during his highschool days.

His passion for music kept on developing then later decided to take music as a profession and he have two albums up to date .His first album was entitled GSFG vol1 which had a lot of gospelrap songs like (church yatanga) and (Awesome God) since he is some one who was raised from a strong Christian background . Some of most popular tracks on that album and had the chance to be played on air for a couple of times.

His latest offering is an album entitled (Flourish) which was released in 2019 and has a mixture of Afropop ,Rnb and Hip-hop which was a highlight of how he is capable to use his voice in any type of beat and the expirement was really successful because he managed to increase his fanbase because he grabbed an audience of different age groups.

He has done collaborations with artist like Roki ,Ikid ,Young Eddy & Antany just to mention a few .This 2020 he have a lot of singles and he is working on and some collaborations with different artists of different genres


Go check his music on – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgiadoWMwpyFHvHz2bveMog

You can follow Glimpse on all platforms @ Glimpse Music Zw