Vanchoga ft Ay Poyoo – Ghetto Rules #LifestyleReview

After a miscommunication with his stable “Yala nation” about their contract which led up to an early termination “Mukomana wekwaMudzviti” Van Choga has released something new from his “Saga Remangoma” and this time around he featured a Ghanaian rapper called AY Poyoo real name Emmanuel Yeboah who is best known for his viral song Goat.

The song wich is titled Ghetto Rules went viral minutes after its release attracting more than 5000 views in less than 28mins, and 11 000 views in 60mins on Youtube. Majority of he fans are loving the song and it might just be a hit only time will tell, well here is our quick review of the song:

Firstly the whole production is good and the beat is dope Mars (the producer) cooked off something that the 2 artist were really comfortable on. Moving on to the chorus that was sung by Van choga, it is on point and its a sing along type of chorus. Then Ay Poyo killed it with his Ghananian ascent.

However the verses are flat with No barsn. The entire song is sounding more like a freestyle song and if it had been dropped with a video then it would be more exciting and funny too considering the fact that both artist uses comic antics in thier music videos.

Overally it is jus a simple trap club song and we five give it a 7/10

Stream the song using the link below