Upcoming Rapper Mill Twist talks about his 2 latest tracks

Mmilidzi Buhe Kimba (born June 22, 1998) better known as Mill Twist is an ‘upcoming’ Zimbabwean rapper. Mill Twist started rapping in (2012) at the age of (14), when he discovered his love for making music. He formed a group called Xii/Xiii (12 for 13) with his friends, Xii/Xiii recorded one song titled 10 Up in (2017). He then decided to go solo because he thought he could do more as a solo artist so he joined forces with Viper Beetz, Millza, Rockie DoUb and ShantyNaty and recorded two songs.

The youngster is making waves with two tracks that he recently released Know Ya and Momma. Speaking to Lifestyle Magazine about the two tracks the young rapper said “Momma is a song dedicated to all mothers firstly. In this song i appreciate whatever my mother has done for me. I appreciate the role she has played in my life and i promise her I’ll make it in life. No matter what we’ve been through i will definitely make it. This song is not all about mothers but families at large. The art cover says it all as i included my family on it.

“Know Ya is a song which tries to tell a kasi love story and is based on a true story. It’s about a guy falling in love with a certain girl at first sight. He’s willing to do anything for her to spend the rest of his life with the girl. The chorus says “Don’t you worry about nobody”, these are the people who may talk ill hindering the girl from falling in love with the guy”

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