Upcoming Gospel artist Paddy The Levite believes he is sacrifice to the work of the Lord

Paddy the Levite is a 21 year old gospel artist who lives in Harare but he can be traced back to Manicaland where his hometown is. He was born in a family of four children and him being the third and only son he believes he is a sacrifice to the work of God, hence The Levite in music. He was born Paddington Tarambiwa but then attained the name Paddy the Levite from fellow Christians. Paddy the Levite is a member of the ZAOGA FIF ministries.

His musical journey started as early as he was 5 years old as he was often spotted playing pots and buckets (as if he played drums). He started composing and writing music at that age and from then on music became his lifestyle. Although he lived music he also focused on his academics, which he passed with flying colours. Besides music Paddy The Levite is also a very talent tailor and he is hustling hard in a vast of income generating activities as he is awaiting to sign in for University in 2020 for a four year course degree in Civil Engineering.

The Levite had his first recording session in 2016 when he released his debut single “SEIKO”, which was good though it didn’t hit the gospel music large circles, but the song still stands to defend history. Paddy decided to take music to another levelĀ  in January 2019 when he released his single trackĀ  “Zvaramba”, a gospel conscious song which went on to earn him a name among the upcoming gospel artists of Zimbabwe. He has released 5 singles in 2019 in a period of 10 months and is looking for more to come as the year ends.