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Top 10 Best Zimbabwean Keyboard players of 2020

In Zimbabwe we are blessed with so many Keyboard players but they often get forgotten about. They sit at the back of the stage, skillfully going about their business while the posturing and preening plays out in front of them. But now it’s time for the very best keyboardists in Zimbabwe to step out from the shadows as we compiled the Top 10 list of the Best Keyboard Players of 2020. if you don’t agree with the order of our list – or feel that there’s a great keyboard player who’s been unfairly overlooked – do let us know in the comments section.


1)Mark Madzinga


2) Nigel Nyangombe


3) Nick Nare
4) Micheal tiki Manyika
5)Jonah trigger chagaresango


6) Ian Bhebhe Mthandazo



7) Jeremiah Spirit fingers


8) Tatenda Vialy


9) Arch keys


10) Trust Mabhena