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Top 10 Best Zimbabwean Gospel Choral Groups of 2020

Gospel Choral Groups continue to shape the Gospel Music Industry in Zimbabwe and for the past years they have been evolving in the country. But for 2020 just like in any other Music Industry or even worse the pandemic affected the performance of some of these choral groups due to the effect of the halt of the churches. But here Lifestyle looks into the best performing choral groups as of 2020 which managed to thrive under the surreal conditions and meet the below criterion.

#Musical Originality, Ideas and concept development, Novelty, Production Quality, Impression of the narrative, level of motivation, consistency and their 2020 projects or releases.


#1) Joyfull Praise


#2) Zimpraise Choir


#3) UFIC Choir


#4) Family Voices


#5) ZAOGA Chisipiti Choir


#6) Harvest Music


#7) Celebration Choir


#8) Vabati VaJehovha


#9) Heartfelt Choir


#10) FIG Worship

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