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Top 10 Best Zimbabwean Drummers of 2020

Ken Mika

Drummers provide rhythm and beat to a performance / song in nearly every genre of music. What is a song without a Drum line / Drum? Today we are going to recognize the best of best as far as beating the Drums is concerned.If you don’t agree with the order of our list – or feel that there’s a great Drummer who’s been unfairly overlooked – do let us know in the comments section.


1)Prince Madhiwale Dzuwa


2) Carlton Mparutsa
3)Simz Bridgez Chimanga


4)Obert Gomba


5)Watson jwatta Chidzomba


6)Tafadzwa Tornado Padziri


7)Prince Kapatsa


8)Tichaona Tichman Magorimbo
9)Praymore Duducha Dzuwa
10) Brandon Ruwizhi


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  • Ngoni “Slickbeats” Chikuse is better than any of these drummers??‍♂️??‍♂️, please balance us here sir Ronald