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Top 10 Best Zimbabwean Bassist (Bass Guitar Players) of 2020

A bassist is there to add depth to a song and link the harmony and rhythm together. Though sometimes it is one of the most overlooked and underrated instruments of all, The Bass Guitar is a beautiful and powerful instrument. If you don’t agree with the order of our list – or feel that there’s a great Bassist who’s been unfairly overlooked – do let us know in the comments section.

1)Naphtali Gurity Chivandikwa


2)Igeal Njolomah


3)Freedom Bullet Chinosengwa


4)Enoch Piroro


5)Kuda Yanika Bass


6)Grammie Mtetwa


7)Tatenda Blessy Sakupwanya


8)Irvine Mayaya Topodzi


9)Blessing Blade


10)Kudakwashe Kaydee Manyika


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