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Tips for Full Glossy, healthy Hair

Few things are as sexy and feminine as full glossy, healthy head, of hair. Here is how to achieve it.

Your hair and its condition impacts on your self-imagined the way others perceive you. Throughout history women have invested endless hours and sums of money in their crowning glories and keeping up with their latest styles and treatments .Today black hair is a multi-millionaire dollar industry, with new products and looks being launched almost every day.

Black hair looks are surprisingly stunning. Whether you opt for long, sexy, ethnic dreadlocks, elegant braids or the trendy natural look you need to be careful of maintaining your hair’s condition and protecting it from the damaging effects of chemicals, treatments, straighteners, relaxers and color applications.

Some of what we want from hair

*Hair all the way up to our shoulders

*Hair that grows quickly and thickly from the roots

*Hair that shines and shows health

*Hair that’s resilient and can survive the stress of tongs, dryers, and other tools

*Hair that maintains its texture as we grow older that doesn’t fall out or become dull or brittle

*Manageable hair that’s easy to style, shaped for any function

*Generally speaking, chemical free hair is health than treated hair and has less thinning, receding, breaking and drying out.

Causes of sudden causes of hair loss

*bald spots

*Thinning hair due to aging



*Illness and medication

Self-help steps to prevent hair loss

*Don’t go for over-tight braids, repeated damaging treatments or excessive applications of chemicals. The golden rule is that if your head or scalp is hurting you after a treatment, something wrong has been done to your hair.

*Wash and condition your hair at least once a week.

*Never color your hair on the same day you have permed or relaxed it, wait at least two weeks, between each chemical process to avoid breaking or damaging it. Bleaching is detrimental to African hair so avoid it. When you use a color application follow the instructions on the package carefully and at the first signs of burning or irritation wash it out and don’t use it again. It’s far safer to invest in the services of a professional saloon than to risk inflicting permanent damage to your hair.

*Use a pH-balanced shampoo that doesn’t contain alkaline, since this can swell the hair shafts, resulting in breakage and splitting particularly in the hair that’s been colored, treated, relaxed or permed. Use a gentle moisturizing conditioner that helps balance the acid in your hair and be sure to wash it out thoroughly each time.

*Very dry hair should be washed once a week, while oily and normal hair may need to be washed more frequently. Women with all hair types may experience dandruff when the seasons change since exposure to cold, dry air can irritate the scalp.

*If you notice any sudden deterioration or change in your hair’s condition take it seriously it could indicate a medical problem which requires urgent treatment.

Remember if you treat your hair with respect, it will reward you.

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