The Gtel X5 Pro: Outrageously Brilliant!

Technology as an art of creativity has engulfed our daily lives, to attend to our needs in the most operative and most efficient method. Gtel has supported this school of thought by introducing a technological genius, YES, the all new Gtel X5 Pro.  The Gtel X5 Pro is a smartphone device custom-made to meet ones specific tastes and redefine user experience, accompanied by an excellent battery life, outstanding selfie camera.

Excellent Cameras

Unarguably, the Gtel X5 Pro has an outrageous front camera, crafted with a 20 megapixel front facing camera with eye view technology and adaptive environment detection software, perfected to produce meticulous detail, when it comes to superb selfie imagery. The rear camera comes as a state of the art 13 megapixel camera, designed explicitly to capture reality in the exact way it is meant to be captured. Gtel X5 Pro is condensed with a screen resolution of 720 x 1280pixels which ensures fluent color detail and image intelligence.

Excellent battery

With its monstrous 4000mAh battery, the Gtel X5 Pro lasts an outstanding 36 hours talk time, with an outrageous 20 days on standby. This means all battery issues have been eradicated, which decodes a much prolonged smartphone user experience, giving you room to talk, chat and watch movies on your smartphone as long as you desire.

Excellent user experience

The Gtel X5 Pro has a 3 gig RAM which is accompanied by an outrageous Octa-core processor that processes 1.30 GHz, which gives you high performance, speed, precision, and multiple multi-tasking. Further driven with a pro-touch sensory system that makes the touchscreen, swift touch instant response before command has been given. It is powered by the latest Android 7 system, designed to ensure swift and effortless navigation of your smartphone device. The phone is capacitated with a 32gig storage chip that is supported with an external memory system that takes up to 256gig. Translated, this means memory issues are now officially eradicated, videos, music, documents and all else to be saved you can’t worry as a user.


Gtel products are available on cash, lay-by and credit terms on zero deposit and are covered by a 15 month warranty. Furthermore full service and backup is available at any Gtel outlet nationwide. Gtel devices are now also available in all Econet shops nationwide.

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