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The Definition of Fashion

I have traveled around the globe only to discover that about 75% of the earth’s population wrongly quotes the term fashion. They think it’s only about designing clothes, although today I’m going to be among the 75% let me give you the correct definition. A style or manner in which something is done that’s fashion.

Yesterday it was mhapa and bechu, today it’s about trousers and shirts only to mention the few and tomorrow nobody has the prophecy yet. The more technology develops the same as fashion does or we can simply say that they all maneuver with the same speed. Some years back in Africa fashion was determined by our culture, but today we are all diluted with the Asian, American and European types of fashions. In some parts of this cruel world surely religion must play a bigger role upon how our fashion develops, because it seems the style of developing is from normal to semi naked up to totally naked.

From my own point of view l think fashion has much to do with the way we dress, the way we dress clearly shows the type of culture we are adopted too and some percentage of your behavior. In terms of both culture and fashion adoption i think one has to be careful because those fashion designers they develop according to what is good to them not to adopters.

Thumbs up to Indians they are still designing their fashion according to their culture not like as us Africans we really love other’s cultures not being proud of ours. Our fashion, our culture and our religion this moves in company of each other. Fashion plays a bigger role in our lives so we have to develop it carefully for us to have a better future. If we are going to develop it recklessly surely our future will be totally in shamble.

As u can see to be a fashion designer it also needs wisdom not just wisdom but wisdom from the Almighty.

By Loice Kenzie


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