Poetry and Motivation

The Art Of Sexual Indulgence Before Matrimon by Zyek (Wilson Morutare)

atching and listening to Hollywood productions day and night,

Unconsciously feeding my mind till i crave for a practical
when I’m with lads,
We speak of nothing if it’s not complimenting a woman’s physical form.
And when the elders pass by;
they shake their heads in shame.

Me and my lads sat by the street corner.
Pants hanging below our waists, a bottle of whiskey and loud explicit music.
Fake Jordans with the long socks.
We’re on a mission of attracting the females and lingering on the peer pressure that comes when the other lads who’ve done it talk about their experiences.
We hope Karma is on our side today,
Because the kind of energy and confidence brought about by the inhaling of a herb is sure to carry away the negative state and fills our minds with positivity and possibilities
Nodding our heads uniformly to the sour music which at that time feels sweet;
Looking vigor.
Speaking so loudly you’d think we’re quarreling.
Our eyes glued on every activity on the street,
Raising our hands consistently like a traffic policeman on a busy road.
We walked over to a cluster of high school girls;
And asked them where they’re walking to.
I want you to picture me
I’ve got a girl by my side;
Usually I’m a shy person,
But today I’m with the lads.

It’s 17:25 and the sun is sullen,
A bottle of water in my hands for the dry mouth,
i hear my memory screeching
recalling the visions of Hollywood productions to my conscious.
I’m walking on the dusty shortcut passing section 3,
I’m looking at her as she’s walking in her short black skirt,
thighs waving active high fives at my eyes
I’m thinking “Oh man”
She knows i’m checking her out;
because every time i glance at her thighs,
our eyes meet along the way.
Beautiful girl with natural long hair,
A good looking guy with bad influence and intention
A perfect picture.
Before i spoke a word,
I saw her shyly smiling so i started saying seductive compliments.
I never was the kind of guy
I mean i never were a stranger to a way of speaking
I really mean it.
I’ve never wooed a female to an extent of getting her mobile number.
Until i’m with the lads.

30minutes after walking her home;
I’m bragging about an event i just had
Another inhale of a herb makes me feel like a champion.
I’m usually not taking a lot of inhales,
but the joy overcomes my ability to resist.
Called her on the same day and we’re dating for like 6 days;
The relationship is going well as we pass by the lads every time.

“Yoh my guy. You did it?”

I invited her to my house the next day;
I was heavy on her, she became weak
I took her innocence
The first time, the second, the third, the fourth and the fifth,
We were just having fun.
The sixth time,
my mother called while i was in the middle of it and asked what i was doing
I should have told her I’m harvesting the land of another, for me to be able to say something when i’m with the lads.
But I lied to her instead;
The fertilizer got to the land,
She didn’t know
But I knew i had applied some….
Now I’m thinking, “what did i just do?”
But outside I’m the king around the lads,
Fist bumps and praise coming up to me
The feeling was amusing,
But deep down i was thinking about the seed i had planted.
I am 19,
She’s 17
Some lucky days with the lads.