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Taking care of your nails

Having an arsenal of manicure tools is key for shaping, buffing, and polishing perfect nails for at-home manicures. These are the tools in our kit:

Here’s a hint: The higher the grit number, the smoother the file. For natural nails, use a fine-grit file. Coarse files are better for acrylic nails. They come in a variety of materials, but avoid metal as this can cause splitting.


Choose a nail buffer with four sides. We prefer the foam block version. After filing your nails, gently buff the tops of nails with the roughest side of the foam block to smooth out ridges. Smooth out the nail with the next roughest side. Repeat with side three. Smooth and polish nails with side four.


A nail clipper comes in handy when you want to clip nails, especially when they are long, for a precise shape or size.


This simple tool usually comes in steel or wood and pushes the skin back and away from your nails to make them look longer and encourage nail strength. Be sure to soften nails with cuticle cream or oil and then soak in warm water before pushing the skin back.


Nail polish remover comes in a variety of formulas. Choose the best one based on your nail type. Be sure to completely remove your nail polish before applying a fresh coat. Keep it on hand when painting on nail designs. Mistakes happen! Fix mistakes with a cotton ball or swab


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