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RG (Robert Mugabe)- a poem by Bray.Zw

The comrade,

He participate in liberation struggle

Spending restless nights without food

To fight for our freedom, independence

Zimbabwean icon honoured forever.

Being black!

It never discouraged him to stop

He strategies even harder for our,

independence to be achieved sooner.

Free up black people, FREEDOM

The most educated President, Mugabe

Man of integrity, loved the nation

Introduced education for all

Resettled the black people, greener pastures

Offered the best for the rest of the nation

Our hero,

Now the man rested at 95

Years that made a difference, change

Memories we will forever cherish

Honestly the hero won’t perish

Forever he shall be honoured, royalty

The man who lifted the Flag of Republic of Zimbabwe

By Bray.zw

(Brendon T Munemo)

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