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Ms Kana Kay nominated at UT Awards

Ms Kana Kay

Africa day,What is it to you.?what is it to me?,
To some it’s a day we celebrate the existence of our diverse cultures as Africans ,the existence of so many beautiful languages …. the existence of THE BEAUTIFUL CONTINENT Mother nature blessed us with ….The land full of precious stones , rich n fertile soils , the fascinating climates that are found in Africa,Wonders of the world which have found in Africa from The Victoria falls to the Mount Kilimanjaro to the Pyramids and the Great Zimbabwe that shows the creativity of the African Soul and Beautiful souls that live , love and laugh in this wonderful continent.

Ms Kana Kay

Africa day is a beautiful day , As we are Celebrating Africa day, Can u help your African lady who has been nominated for model of the year at the UT Awards by voting for her through clicking the link below