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Lyn for Elite SuperModel 2020

Born and Bred in Glen Norah, Harare Zimbabwe, Lyn Lukas is an 18 year old Model who is contesting for the Elite Super Model 2020. She recently finished her O Levels and besides modeling Lyn is also an aspiring author and fashion designer. In her own words she says “I love to be myself and trying to bring the best out of me that can make people happy because I find my happiness in others”

Lifestyle Magazine managed to had a sit with Lyn and she shared more light about herself and about the Elite Super Model 2020 Competition that it going on.

 So firstly tell us why and when did you decide to start modeling?

Modelling is something that makes me happy and considering my background I would like people to know that nothing is really impossible if you just tell yourself that you can do it and if you only believe in yourself rather than looking down upon yourself. I want to inspire someone and to let girls know that marriage is not an achievement and also that age is not a limitation, modelling is something that I love and I’m really passionate about it. Professionally I started modelling last year November and I did course with Zuri Modelling Agency.

So currently you signed to any agency?

Yes I am with Zuri Modelling agency

So you have just over a year in the Modelling industry, what are the challenges you are facing and what keeps you going despite the challenges?

The biggest challenge for me is the issue of finances. Looking at the economic situation in our country, it’s a bit tough for everyone to have money and transport is getting expensive each day. But my passion for modelling and my desire let others not to give is keeping me going.

Explain to us what Elite Super Model 2020 is also about?

Elite Super is not a pageant but an all-encompassing program that seeks to equip models with all the different facets of the business side and demands of the industry. As opposed to the traditional sit-and-wait till the client makes a casting call, the program empowers us with the necessary knowledge and tools to take a proactive stance and pursue the clients. We get groomed, molded and packaged into social influencers as well as brands that have undeniable commercial value and longevity.

Well said there! So tell us more about tomorrow’s event

Okay so The Elite Supermodel is a competition for the models who aspire a supermodel status and the competition is at The Venue in Avondale at 6.30pm.The overall winner will represent Zimbabwe in Thailand.

How can people vote and or support you?

People can support me by buying the tickets to attend the event and they are as follows: 10USD STD, 20USD VIP, 50USD VVIP, it’s also RTGS $ equivalent amount. Also like my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/112380300251942/posts/112497023573603/?app=fbl

How many other models are you competing with and what makes you unique from the rest and why do you think you will win?

There are about 20 models I’m competing with, what make me unique is that I’m creating my brand that will uplift and boost the confident in many aspiring models and I think that I can win because I am capable and I’m able to represent Zimbabwe, excellence and humanity are my strength

Any notable past achievements or competitions you have participated in the past?

No this is actually my first competition because I was still in school so I haven’t achieved or won anything so far but I know I’m going to make it without any limitations….

Who is your role model or who inspires you?

My role model is Kendall Jenner and she is known for her role on the reality TV show keeping up with the Kardashians. I really see myself in her and I hope I’m going to get where she is.

What are your words of advice to other aspiring models before we finish off?

I would like to advice those who aspiring to be models that never look down upon yourself and don’t let what people say or what they think affect you and your dream, believe in yourself

Visit and like Lyn’s Facebook Page and support her https://www.facebook.com/112380300251942/posts/112497023573603/?app=fbl


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