Louirap is in a bid reach out to the world through music

Louirap is a rapper and poet from Chitungwiza in Zimbabwe. Born and bred in the heart of the City he is the only one who chose the mic in a family of 3 boys. He attended Seke 1 high then advanced further after and currently he is pursuing Law at the Zimbabwe Institute of Legal Studies. Back in the days growing up Louirap says he was much inspired by the groovers who were rocking the airwaves like Major E and other guys. “I used to admire their rapping techniques and I was pretty moved and that’s when the passion sprung from”. He started off with a piece of paper then to a rhyme book. The talented rapper tried his luck at street rap and he made a name for himself surrounded by talented poets and Mcs such as Malik, T Franklin, K Prince Amaru and other formidable forces.
Currently Louirap is working on an EP (Extented Play) titled Tinzwei [Hear Us] due to be released by end of April. So far from the Ep the youster has released 2 singles Dzoka and Diaspora which he featured the songbird Rumbie G. The tracks have been widely accepted on most social media and music platforms such as reverbnation and soundcloud respectively. Both songs were recorded and mastered at Molly studios in Chitungwiza by the young and talented producers KMG and Shingirai and Louirap says “this is a promising start and more breathtaking projects are on the way”.
The EP is a collection of real stories which are never told but which happen day to day in the communities we grow up and live in. So we came up with a voice and decided why not try and reach out to the world through the music and that’s where the name Hear Us originated from. The Ep contains every taste of sound for everyone to relate to and that is what makes it unique.

You can listen to Dzoka or Diaspora on
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