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Lindiwe Mlazie(Model/Actress) nominated at UT Awards 2021

Beauty , Beauty

It has been a topic on everyone’s lips.
Many do not understand what exactly it is, if you ask me, Beauty is not all about how one’s face is structured they call them looks but it is about expressing yourself in your own way most comfortable with a touch of personality and attitude .

Learning not to just abide by other people’s rules but making your own rules and owning your walk.

Lindiwe Mlazie

Technically facing and conquering the fear of being judged , the fear of being criticized , the fear of being different , the fear of failure , earning a Catwalk above all those fears is Beauty.
Her name is Lindiwe Mlazie, she is a model and actress . She has been nominated in Model of the Year Category at UTawards 2021,
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