KaniMusic – Heal Our Land (A Prayer Song

Award winning Christian RnB artist KaniMusic has penned a prayer song which he believes will soothe the hearts of many and strengthen people to stay alive during these trying times.

In an interview with Lifestyle Magazine KaniMusic highlighted that he started working on the song during the second week of the initial Covid 19 national lockdown and he released the song on all his social media handles including his whatsapp group.

In his own words he said Heal our land is a prayer song that l started working on during the second week of the lockdown and realizing that the pandemic was real, I was really touched, and on every channel people were dying around the world. I felt the pain while at the same time being motivated, as an artist, to do something to help curb the spread of the virus and heal the world through music
“Hopefully people are encouraged to pray as the virus continues but God is already healing our land. Wash your hands regularly, don’t touch your eyes he added.

Kani worked with veteran guitarist Uncle Edward Dube who played the lead guitar whilst seasoned instrumentalist played the piano and his manager Clopass Msonza, managed the project online from his base in Harare.
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