Justice Mukede opens up to how he survived from the Corona Vius

Thank you very much for allowing us to do this and thank you for your time. So can you start by introducing yourself and what you do?

My name is Justice Mukede better knows as Raider Boss, am a Zimbabwean Reggae/Dancehall/ Afro Pop & RnB Artist/Song Writer a Graphic Designer, a Clothing Brand Owner, am also into Computers Software based in South Africa

So you are a Corona Virus survivor, tell us about where and how you got the virus.

Yes I am a Corona Virus subsister, Umtata is a small city in the Eastern Cape, South Africa and throughout the first wave of Covid 19, it was one of the last cities to be impacted. So, it never really get our attention throughout the first days and that’s when we were really countenancing it. I would be prevaricating telling exactly where i got it from because just before the first aggregation closedown we were displacing heedlessly around without taking precautions, i only surmise that i may have got it from the Guest House where i was fixing their cameras there for days

What symptoms did you have and how were you feeling?

Fist day i woke up with dry lips, they were just getting dry in a weird way that i kind of knew there was something wrong, later that day i had a fever headache and that’s when i suspected that something was falling out because i usually don’t catch a cold when its hot. In no time my whole body was attacked, very aching, incapacitated, wooziness i could not move steadily without walking along the wall. On the 4th or 5th day it got worse my temperature was high and breathing became difficult too. It went on for good two weeks and i remember half of the time i got sick i was sleeping in the bathing tab, my temperature was hot so much that using just a wet towel was not helping at all, so instead i would go to the bathroom and kneel right inside and make sure the water runs on my head incessantly and somehow it was helping me breath calmly

So by this time were you now fully convinced that this was the Corona Virus, and what was your next action?

I could not quickly tell if it was Corona Virus or just a normal cold, well because the indications / symptoms come differently and they may not show all that once sometimes, i had to empathize what i was feeling so i would be able to take a next step, rushing to the hospital was my last option

So after you knew that this was Covid 19, how did the people around you react after knowing that you are positive?

I give thanks to the Most High Jah for giving me family and friends that can even risk their own lives just to make sure i live. Luckily it was total lockdown so no one was going in or out of the house, so the community only knew about it when i had already recovered, i just had to self quarantine myself in my room until i get mended because i had that hope that I was going to be okay.

Did you get any treatment or what are some of the home remedies that you used?

Going to the Hospital was the last thing i wanted and luckily i believe more in our traditional herbs when it comes to fever related viruses & diseases, my family made sure they dose me with any of home remedies they knew and thought it would help.

On the other side i was doing body building and i believe my body was healthy enough to bomb away  the virus. I used Ginger, Stone, Lemons, Viks and Orange juice availed me a lot, i don’t know how they mixed those together and make it taste like just juicy lol but that helped a lot, i never took any tablets.

So you got sick and recovered tell us again about how you were treated by the community around you after?

Fortunately, the community acknowledged nothing as i was just insulating at my yard and it was as well a lock down period so no one would even come over to knock at the gate, it was just my family in the house.

What advice do you have to the people out there and what would you say to someone who is battling Corona Virus right now?

To the people out there, do use home remedies even if you are not affected, and keep exercising because a healthy body will not be quickly destroyed.

To anyone who is battling with Corona Virus, the very first significant thing i would love to tell is that, do not be afraid, don’t think about what they say on the media, and I strongly recommend home remedies .It is one way to go! You can outlast this

Thank you so much again for your time and for sharing your story

Thank you for the platform, i appreciate the moment too