Four ways to improve your friendships

Four ways to improve your friendships

  • Don’t expect one friend to meet all your needs – it’s essential to have more than one friend to meet your need for intimacy. Relying on just one person to fulfil all your requirements leaves overly dependent on that friendship, and may even lead to possessiveness. To really have a friend, we must be willing to let him or her go, giving her room to be who he or she is. Instead, reach out to several different people, each of whom has a different and unique value in your life.
  • Find value in yourself and others – don’t see your friends as being better than you in any way. Each of us has something valuable to bring to our friendships, and finding that balance in a friendships means we retain our separate identities in the relationship.
  • Allow friends to grow – a good solid friendship always picks up where it leaves off. You don’t have to call or see your friends twice a day to be close. Relationships are built on trust that others do love and care about us, even when they can’t see or phone as often as we would like.
  • Accept your friends the way they are – don’t try to change them. They will ask for advice when they want it – and they may decide not to take that advice either.
  1. “To love and be
  2. Loved is to feel
  3. the sun from
  4. both sides.”

Beating anger:

Anger is an appropriate and healthy emotion – but, if badly managed or expressed the wrong way, it can become destructive and lead to violence.

Using examples, we should learn how to recognise different types of anger, learn what triggers them, both within “Relationships” and the workplace.







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