Poetry and Motivation

DORCAS (A poem by Tatenda Alpha)

I saw magician’s lips falling in love with, hocus pocus

Seems he shifted April to August
If the illusory feat could bring out Dorcas
My thoughts were speeding but he was in a slow bus

Loving everything she writes
Dreamed about us at McDonald’s, seems not to care about her big bite
Funny thing we almost share the same height
Hey Dorcas, be my date tonight

You can rule the world
I can reupholster your broken heart
They say love is a game of chess, I prefer to through the darts
Love stories that can melt down your heart
But if by chance I could reshuffle the deck
Before the show is over
Maybe I could win this Game of Thrones
If this dream is a movie, I should sleep with a bowel of popcorns
I don’t want you to hang with ordinary pawns
I can be the winning pawn, I will restore your crown
When they broke your heart, my Queen

_oh! Dorcas, my poem is on fire_