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DAWN – A Poem by Raynald Ngwarati M

When I woke-up

I looked through the window…

I noticed how long nights haunt the widow.

Nightmares entertain her along with tears in her brow…

The orphan continues to beg…

Jingles from the blind are continuously played.

The good do die young.

The hurt always cry…

Who cares about the poor?

Or they are just junk in the eyes of the rich…

I have heard the men of collar preach…

But never in practise of what they teach.

The same children who slept on an empty stomach.

Wake-up early to labour in the fields-

Blood, sweat and tears irrigate those fields-

To give harvest to the few-

Who sell back the produce at an expensive price to the labourer…

Are tears designed for the same people?

Who endure suffering as a life cycle…

Are the poor contained in a circle?

That they shall never break free of-

For the heartbroken, another heartbreak lies in tomorrow…

For l saw them manufacture an arrow-

To destroy and disallow…

The heart of love, justice and hope.

Hope is a myth in their world…

And anyone who dares opens his eyes is sentenced to the sword-

l wish l had not woken up

Unfortunately l did!


By Raynald Ngwarati M

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