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It is indeed a sad chapter once more for the local entertainment scene after the passing on of Soul (Soul Jah Love) Musaka who has been laid to rest today at Warren Hills Cemetery. His death has undoubtedly brought grief to almost the whole nation, evidenced by the conferring of a liberation Hero status. He was a great entertainer and one of the brightest talents in Zimbabwe, with hits like “Mari Mari” with Queen Vee being played on international Music channels, the likes of Channel O and TRACE Africa. Chibaba as he was affectionately known in the music circles shall be remembered for his great hits and his lyrics which carried a huge message in them like “Pamamonya ipapo”, “Zvauri”, “Zviri Mandiri”, “Ndini iya uya” to mention just a few.

Chibaba has faced a lot of ups and downs in his life, from losing his mother at a tender age, being chased away from home by his stepmother amongst other things. He however carried optimism within him that despite the worst in life there is hope. Despite being mocked by others as sterile Chibaba remained optimistic releasing “Zviri mandiri” a song of hope where he expresses his desire to have a family and leave a seed and that God knew the time. Sadly this wasn’t to be as in his last song “Ndichafa rinhiko” he sheds light on how he still did not have a child.

The question will be, where did it go wrong in Chibaba’s life? A lot of people would misconcept this with taking drugs, yet the fact is he just never received the love in as much as he gave it to the world, this made Chibaba see the world in different light that in his latter days he was a dead man walking. At the eve of his wedding to Chimhamha (Bounty Lisa) Chibaba revealed that he only had music and love to live for. However as he once claimed in an interview where he said “ndine munyama” l got bad luck, he lost Bounty Lisa only to be left with music to live for. He was hanging on a loose thread and the outcome was inevitable.

Chibaba felt unloved, he felt the world was no longer on his side, this he revealed in “Ndichafa riniko”, Chibaba felt like he was now a burden to the living. His lyrics in the song reveal how Chibaba had lost all hope with life, “Zvirinani kuzoroora” which means it is better to rest. He referred to death as “mazorodze” meaning rest. He also sings about not having a child and no hope. In other words Chibaba felt isolated and notable is his words “Ndisiyei ndakadaro vanondida vachauya vondichema” a clear sign that he had no hope of life. Soul was just living because there was nothing he could do, but he had died already emotionally, revealed in a song released after he died. Others claim that his death is an answer to his prayer, which was contained in his song.

Chibaba died before he died, and with many claiming that he prophesied his death in the latter days of his life, releasing songs like “kana ndafa”, the case is rather different as Chibaba had given up on life by himself, just waiting for God to act up. Chibaba was hurt beyond repair and this was heightened by the undesirable events in his life. Chibaba needed professional counselling to see the brighter side of life, he needed love, but seemingly it never came his way. In the song “ndini uya uya” he reflects that “veukama vanga vatondikanganwa”, but to the surprise of many, his funeral was graced by his relatives which caused many to lash out at them, if they had been there to give him the love and care he deserved it should have been a different narrative. In the latter days of his life Chibaba was the walking dead, and this is a lesson to Zimbabweans and the world at large to value each other. Everybody needs to be loved despite physical state or condition. Diseases kill but loneliness kills even worse.

The song “ndichafa rinhiko” shows that Jah Love has rested, as he needed a break from this world and hate. Rest In Power Soul “Chibaba” Musaka your legacy lives on…. continue conquering even in the afterlife…..

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