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CharmaineSassy- a beauty with brains who has big dreams of making it in the modelling industry

Born and Bred in Zimre Park, Charmaine Mabika who is well known by her peers as Charmaine Sassy is a 22 year old Model and part time singer. She is a true definition of beauty with brains who has big dreams of making it in the modelling industry. Day after day she is working towards on making her dreams a reality. Lifestyle Magazine has a chat with the beautiful lady to get to know her more and her journey in the modelling industry so far.

Firstly can you tell the reader more about yourself and background info
My full name is Charmaine Mabika, l grew up in Zimre Park. I was born on October 8 1997 and I am the older daughter of the house. As a young kid I started off watching modelling shows on ZBC and I can say the passion to be a model grew up in me.

How did you start of in the modelling industry and are you signed?
I started modelling whilst I was in Pre-school, then I used to do it for fun and winning prices at school. I then grew up to be a real model in the real world and of cause there are so many challenges. I was once signed under a very good well known agency but after my training and due to other reasons I became a Freelance model in which I still am today….


In your own view how do you see modeling industry in Zimbabwe????
The Modeling industry in Zim is fast growing and has potential to be one of the greatest but there is need for more grooming and social awareness campaigns for some parts of the community to understand what modelling is all about.

Modeling is very much often associated with prostitution and all the other bad stuff and not many families or parents accepts it or agrees with it if their daughter say she wants to do modeling so how has been the support from your family so far???
True… And to be honest the reason why I have been restricted from taking part in contests is because they usually take part at night, and my parents are still not yet comfortable with the idea…they do not yet understand it…so yes I haven’t yet managed to overcome that challenge…lol

Carrier highlights, achievements or recent competitions that you have been part of?
I’ve only started taking part in competitions recently therefore I haven’t accomplished much. I took part in Miss Harare 2019 I also took part in Miss Summer 2019 and in the Unruly brand ambassador search in which I was the first princess. Lastly I took part at my college’s competitions in which I was the Provincial Queen and Miss Herentials as well.

Do you face any challenges if so how do you tackle them and what keeps you going?
The major challenges I face as a freelance model are financing my career and managing my own time tables and work, but I have been able to overcome all this by making sure every client is attended according to his/her schedule set.

Besides modeling what else do you do?
Besides modelling I’m a Singer, I love to sing and during my free time I find words flowing out of my mouth and I begin to write music.

Quotes you live by
I live by the quote that says “If you Dream it, you can live it…” and that has kept me going so far.

What does the future hold for you?
I believe the future holds something big for me… something the world is yet to see, which is success.

Dreams and aspirations
My aspiration in life is to be happy as I dream to make it big in my success as a model.

Who do you look up to / who inspires you???
To be honest…the person I look up to is actually my mother in the spirit… But as a model I have people who inspire me, people like Miss Pretty Sindy and our very own Miss Zimbabwe. They inspire me to be great because I believe if they made it then what can stop me?

We have noticed that nowadays almost every girl is now a model like if one goes to a photoshoot, he or she will be calling themselves a model and on IG worse everyone is a model, so do you think one can just wake up a model or it’s an inborn thing?
One can never wake up a model. l believe that being a model is something that comes from within it’s not all just about the photoshoots and beauty but it’s about passion and the vision in you. Most of these boys and girls do not even have the courage to act, dance or give a speeches in front of a crowds and how can you be a model when you lack these three things which come from the word “Confidence”? So being a model is something that you don’t even need to be groomed for or told to but it’s something that comes from within and I believe it’s something you yourself cannot fight.

Well said! Wish we had more time, but thank you for your time we wish you all the best in your carrier
You welcome and thank you…
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