Beware Of Online Fraudsters


Beware Of Fraudsters

As we all know the Economy in Zimbabwe is hard and people are trying so hard to put food on the table but we are all falling victims to fraudsters Online such as WhatsApps and Facebook.

My name is Kinzman Samaz and i am one of the Victims too,There are Some guys who approach people saying they are Traders they use bitcoin and you send them RTGS ,😒Dont Fall For Them they are Scammers.

They come up with a strategy that if you send them Zwl$1000 it will gain interest in 4days (50%) and in 8days (100%) and they will make you believe they are real traders but they are thieves.

In a certain group someone Send Zwl$104000 to these guys expecting a huge plough from them but the guys got away with all the money that people had send to them in the name of Investing. Some invested Zwl$79k,70k,60k and the majority invested the minimum amount which was Zwl$3000.


Ecocash Zimbabwe has warned the public about the Fraudulent behaviour but it seems the Public is ignorant to the warnings.

If you wish or feel like Trading go online on Youtube learn on your own how to Trade this world is full of Scammers.

If you want to do legit business approach Registered Companies and Brokers and also meeting in Person.