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being grateful- a poem by bray.zw

Love should be always mutual,

Never force it!

Respect is gained not requested.

Never seek friendship people,

Engage naturally due to behavior.

Bonds happen to be strong,

As time moves…

Just trust the process, appreciate

Where it will take you.

Interactions being the best thing,

Beware of fake smiles obstacles.

Know your worth and be,

Guided by the limits.

Over bounds bring misfortunes.

Appreciate the little love granted.

People express it differently.

Fake love hinders success

Appreciate these fake people!

Encourage to work even harder.

Hatred is part of the game

Do your part giving greatness.

Justice always need in relationships

Attention majoring the bond

Hard work always give rewards

Try put a smile on the sad faces

Bigger dreams out of teamwork.

By Bray.zw

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