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Beauty Tips for beginners by Namatirai Machacha

Make up tips for beginners

Being a beginner can be really challenging, you see popular make up done by other people and ask how do they do such an amazing make up? I’m sure no one wants horrible eyebrows even after watching countless YouTube videos, but I am here to help you. Below are make-up tips which are going to help you to look ravishing with your make up….

1) Tight lining– use your eyeliner and draw on the upper lash line to give an illusion of thicker lashes. This gives a smokey, sexy kind of look and makes your lashes look longer, thicker and full

2) Face shapes- Oval shape it is considered the ideal shape and does not require corrective make up to alter the shape. If your shape is not oval and you want it to look like that you create the illusion of oval shape by power highlighting or shadowing of the forehead cheek and jawline can make all face shapes more oval

**square face*** It is long wide correction a darker foundation along the cheek bone from eye to ear the outside

**Diamond shape** wide at cheek bone and narrow at forehead and chin correction

*shadow the widest area of the dark chick bone with darker foundation highlight the forward area bone

3) Blending foundation- Rub foundation all over your face using circular movements. When you are applying your foundation double up places you need to cover and blend it out. The most common places you need to cover is under the eyes, the nose and where you have dark Acne spots

4) Lips- First of all exfoliate your lips using a toothbrush and homemade sugar scrub this will make your lipstick settle well on your lips. For the scrub you need 1tbs of brown sugar 1tbsn of coconut oil and 1 tbs of honey

NB apply to your lips and scrub gently

5) Make eyes appear bigger- For bigger eyes use water liner and a nude eyeliner. This extends the color in the eye and makes your eyes look bigger and wide awake

6) Highlighting- Highlights for wide and bright beautiful eyes. Whites or cream eye shadows are perfect for highlighting. Areas you can highlight are under brow bone, inner corners of the eyes and center of eyelids.

I Hope this will work for you as much it worked for me





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