Be bold for the Gospel #InspiringNuggets with Imani-Cerrayah

For I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ…! Romans 1:16

Today my verse is very short and straight to the point.
Have you ever felt like posting Scriptures on your status or sharing the Word, but deep down are scared of the backlash? People tend to condemn others for their faith and believe when you share the Word it’s because you are going through a situation. Maybe people have a certain image of you and you’re scared to let them know, you’re not really what the pictures say.

Be bold for the Gospel. It doesn’t matter where you came from, what your past is like, how people knew you before, confess your faith. What’s important is where you are going. The glory of the latter shall be greater than the former. What’s stopping you from declaring who you are in Christ? Is it fear of persecution?

Let me tell you my story…. As a Jazz artist, I was so scared to preach the Word, to put Bible verses on my status, even to share the Word with friends. There’s a common belief that when you sing anything other than Gospel, you are worldly, that’s not true. I sing about my life experiences. I have noticed so many artists face the same persecution from the world. But here’s my message to you today, whatever job you do, there’s a chariot for you there. Take every opportunity you can get, to share the Word. God puts people in random places so that they preach His Word. The most important thing to understand is why you have been placed where you are, and stand firm in your faith. Opportunities are there, plenty, for you to be swayed, but what does the Word say about you? Jesus was not ashamed as He hung on the cross, dirty, full of your sin, and separated from God. Why are you ashamed of Him?

I’m a Christian and a spirit filled one at that. Who are you? What is your purpose? Please! You were not placed on this earth to merely exist, but to live, and to live for God’s glory. So today make up your mind to live for Jesus. Make up your mind to make your environment a place of worship. What do people actually know you for? Change the script. It’s not too late. There’s always something different about someone full of Jesus. Wherever you are placed you glow different.

Don’t be ashamed of Christ. He has never been ashamed of you. Preach His Gospel, you might just change someone’s life. I trust you have been blessed by this article. See you soon. I love you.


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