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Archie Stryder talks about his life, musical journey and album launch

Ashbold Mkumba who is popularly known as Archie Stryder is an Norton based singer, songwriter, music producer and instrumentalist. Though he was born in Norton, Archie grew up in Domboshava and he attended Molife Primary School then proceeded to Parirewa High school. Lifestyle Magazine managed to get in touch with the young artist and we have a short chat about his musical journey, past projects and future plans.

Firstly can you tell us about your stage name and what made you to choose that name?

The name was inspired by the fact that I wanted an all English name hence the adoption of Stryder as a surname

Take us through your musical journey from the time you started to now.

I have been doing music since childhood…… I attended children’s performing arts workshop (CHIPAWO) at age 12 and I learnt mbira and Marimba. Professionally I started in 2012. I worked more as a producer but I was releasing singles occasionally.


Are you signed to any Label?

I work under my own stable, StryderPro and I do most of my productions.

Which projects have you released so far?

I released a couple of singles over the years and my debut album, ALIVE’01 was released December 2018. The album features 8 Tracks including Makomborero which did well on the lifestyle mag top 10 for January and February.

Any upcoming projects in the pipeline that we can expect anytime soon?

I have an album on the way that im launching on the 20th of December.

Tell us more about the upcoming album what it is all about and more info about the launch.

This is my 2nd album its called Born For This inspired by Jeremiah 1 verse 5. It carries 9 tracks and i featured Best Masinhire, Ndinaye, Extol and Ceekay vi. I did most of the production and also Victor Enlisted produced 1 track. The launch is at Christ Embassy Church in Norton on the 20th of December, we are starting at 1800hrs and the album will also be sold for $2USd on the day. I will also be unveiling my new band as well (Band HighLife)

From who or where do you derive your inspiration?

I grew up listening to a lot of music and that’s where most of my inspiration comes from. Names that really impacted me are Lucky Dube, Dolly Parton, Don Williams, James Chimombe amongst others. Most of my inspiration is derived from Nigerian star Frank Edwards, who I also would like to work with in the future.

Which artist would you like to work with here in Zimbabwe and internationally?

I would love to work with Minister Mahendere, Patience Namadingo (Malawi), Frank Edwards (Nigeria), Dafari (Kenya), Tasha Cobbs and Todd Dulaney(U.S.A)

We have a lot of other artist in the music industry right now that are doing the same genre as you, what separates you from all the other artist?

I do music because it’s my life, and that’s what makes me different from others

So far how has been the journey for you, any challenges?

The journey hasn’t been easy and the biggest challenge has been getting airplay.

Any Carrier highlights or the most memorable moments?

The best of me is yet to come. But I was nominated twice for the Norton Hip Hop awards in the Producer of the year category. I’ve produced tracks that featured Mbeu, Flem B, Drum Dada amongst others

In your own view how is the music industry in Zimbabwe?

Zimbabwean music is growing but there is need for more support from the general public as well as a legislation that protects artists and their works.

Last words to your fans

It’s either you follow your dreams and become your own master or follow someone who is following their dreams and become their slave…… choose wisely

Contact details and socials

Twitter : @archie_stryder

Facebook : Archie stryder

Youtube : Archie Stryder

Instagram : archie_stryder



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