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African Queen – a poem By Bray.zw

All other tribes lay low, down.

Her presence grace occasions.

Without pride but flawless.

Proud of bubbly chocolate skin.

Oh she’s from streets of Africa

An African typical body;

Bulge curved hips

Breast that drip honey

Pink juicy lips

Arms with lovey warmth

Beauty is her pride, tsvarakadenga.

Is it not odd to you, that whites are addicted to her?

You can’t afford to lose the finest.

Spending sleepless nights, dreaming about the queen that glow

She’s not chigubhu, body yakapwanyika

On first sight,

Your feeling ignite, unite

Heart will boil with excitement.

Love that will be delicate.

Thoughts of a milky way.

Strong spark of true love.

Play her feelings, heart disintegrates breaks into black pieces _pwaaa._

Bitterness will blow your mind.

Love is crazy but you need her company.

The women all man deserve

By Bray.zw

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