About Us


Since its inception in December 2016 Lifestyle Magazine has done an exquisite job when it comes to educating, informing and entertaining its target audience. While other magazines have been having content staying in one dimensional lane, Lifestyle has been quick to broaden its horizons. The fast growing magazine has left no stone unturned. Its quest is to fulfil the interest of people from all works of life in terms of fashion, health, music, gossip and business to name a few. The magazine also features a unique section which gives upcoming local artists a platform to tell their life stories and aspirations for the future. Another section covers the importance of producers who are usually unsung heroes. The magazine has also been successful in creating a conducive platform for people from all age groups which has seen it receiving overwhelming response form the public. The brains behind the Lifestyle Magazine have developed the Lifestyle Mag TV which deals with on-camera interviews, live shows, discussions and a lot more. The soft copies of the magazine are available for free download on the internet and various social media platforms including WhatsApp. The hard copies are for sale



To become a prominent source of inspiration, education and entertainment on the local scale to a global scale.


Mission Statement:

The institution exists to educate, inform and entertain its targeted audience. We hope to achieve this through research which offers clear and concise information. The motivation behind being to exhibit local content from all works of life in terms of health, fashion, music and business by way of providing a conducive platform to tell their stories and aspirations.



  • Honest
  • Reliability
  • Clarity
  • Cooperation
  • Achievement
  • Authenticity